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Summer heat

I thought it to be a good idea to just jump right into a story rather then making an introduction.

As most of you know it’s summer in Europe with temperatures here in the Netherlands changing from 20 to 35 degrees. The summer heat always claims a few victims, and for the last couple of years every summer I had one of those victims right on my bedroom.

A few days ago the heat seemed to have seized for the day, so I turned down my air conditioning, went for dinner, and when I came back to my desk I found out the summer had claimed it’s victim again.

My computer apparently had a Blue Screen while I was downstairs, though the temperature seemed to be cool I figured it must’ve been from overheating as it has happened to me every summer for the last 3 years. Unfortunately CPR doesn’t work on this victim.

The main problem wasn’t the Blue Screen, it’s the glitches and the screen and sound freezing, having to force my computer to shut down as it’s not coming back. I’ve tried everything, cleaning and dusting it off, running the computer with a fan blowing on it continuously, but nothing seems to work and after a couple of minutes, sometimes even hour when I’m just on the desktop using only Firefox. Or a few seconds when I launch a game.

The power supply seems to live, that one failed me last time, the graphics card seems to get warm, but not extremely, however the main CPU was pretty warm and I figured that to be the problem. But I can’t say for sure since I’m no computer hardware expert and don’t claim to be one. Also I noticed that one of my hard disks was pretty warm as well, so that may just as well be the problem?

I’m not sure on how to continue, what hardware to replace with new ones, so I decided to see if a reinstall of windows works. But apart from that, I’m out of ideas and since I don’t have a car for the next two weeks, I can’t bring my computer to anyone who does know how to fix it.

So the summer heat has claimed yet another victim.