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The Haunted Mansion

This is a story of one of my vacations, a couple years back. I couldn’t resist posting it after having it wrote out once more.

A few years ago me and my parents, brother, his girlfriend and another family of 5 went on vacation to France for about a week. We rented out a large house in the middle of nowhere out in the fields surrounded by some trees and in the distance there was an old castle ruin. The house we rented came with an equally large storage building/shack for whatever was in there, that was off limits. Together with some other rooms of the house, the basement and a part of the attic. There also was a small detached tower at the front of the front yard near the road which was locked. Now you can’t blame a bunch of curious, at the time, teenagers for looking for ways to get into those restricted areas of the house. All of those rooms were locked, unfortunately. It was me and my family to arrive there first and to meet the person we rented it from, who left after a small tour. It came with jacuzzi and swimming pool and a huge yard. But by being the lucky family to arrive first, we also saw where the owner put a keychain with keys supposedly to most of the house. When the other family arrived we pretty much decided that we weren’t going to leave until we had entered every area, restricted or not, from the house and all of the other buildings on the property.

We naturally took the keychain had a few keys to it, one of them opened the storage shack, right after having entered it we found about 3 more keychains each with some keys on it. We explored throughout the shack and went all the way into the back, the further we came the more messy it got and we eventually decided to head back and test out the other keys we had found. Opening the basement, which was an old wine cellar with loads of bottles off wine, all were empty though. It was old, loads of spiders and beside that there wasn’t really anything interesting. The remaining keys opened a storage room with all kinds of toys, bbq, etc. Another key unlocking the tower, the bottom floor contained some garbage bins and stuff like that, it was pretty much empty (and wasn’t locked). The second floor had to be reached from the outside with a stone stairs. A few days into our vacation we opened the door to it. And to our surprise there was a mattress on the floor, an old place with a knife and a small nightstand with a lamp on top of it. It seemed as if someone had been living there and we never even knew about it, we were always either inside the house or on the back. (As I said earlier the tower was at the front of the house at the road) If it wasn’t for the small bits of, supposed bat, dung on the bed I could have sworn that someone lived there at the time we were staying there. It was all rather weird to see. It honestly looked as if someone had stayed there and forgot to clean his dishes.

As the final night started to approach there was still one part of the attic that was locked to us, none of the, about 8, keys we found matched it some keys didn’t match any locks even. We peaked into the keyhole and tried to see what was in there. It looked weird and old and sometimes, to me, it looked as if there was someone hanging from a rope (as if he had committed suicide). That was of course very unlikely to be true. The other part of the attic contained 4 bedrooms, my parents sleeping near the staircase, me and the son of the other family sleeping in the one beside it, my brother and his attachment the one beside us and opposing of them slept 2 daughters of the other family. The other parents slept downstairs. Oh and I believe there was a bathroom as well, in between my room and my parents’.

It was a normal day there, the sun was out and my brother and his girlfriend were at the pool. I walked up to them, stood behind her. Listening in on them for a few moments, my brother knew that I was standing there. Then I said something, can’t remember what. She obviously hadn’t noticed me standing there, about a meter behind her, so the moment I spoke she turned around. Looked me straight in the eyes and screamed for her life, jumping up almost literally a meter into the air. She actually genuinely managed to be scared to death by that. I can still remember her face and screaming. It was fantastic! So naturally after that she got a bit more aware of where I was at all times, despite that I managed to do it again a few evenings after that first one. She and my brother were playing a board or card game at the dining table. I stood right behind her, not saying a word. Then suddenly she saw my reflection in the window, me wearing all black was apparently enough for her to be scared to death again. She turned around quickly to see if there was someone behind her. Then turned back again, not having realized that I was standing behind her, not even a second later she turned around again screaming and in a reflex punched me right in my stomach with quite some force. I just couldn’t keep laughing, it was like watching a scene from a movie. Such a great time I had.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I didn’t tell you that the guy that I was on the same room with took his scream outfit with him? You know; the black cape and white mask. I didn’t yet, right… well he had that with him and that just lead to even more great moments. It was a few hours before the last night, still with part of the attic locked, we would return home later the following day. So we were getting desperate…we had to get into the last room! Me, the other guy and my brother started a search for the missing key. We checked the closet, which was standing next to the door in question, several times but were unable to find a key. We had felt on top of it, as it was too high to look on, even for us, but couldn’t find anything the first time around. So I felt again that day and I found a key…Great news of course as it may have been the key we were looking for…so I stepped towards the door…put it in the keyhole, it did fit, but nothing happened, I couldn’t unlock it. Frustrated as I was I let them try it as well and it just didn’t open. It didn’t unlock as we couldn’t turn the key. I tried some more times as the others walked away, eventually I got it open. Calling the other guy I got it unlocked, we opened the door and there it was. The other part of the attic at our feet…I stepped into the room, it was old, dusty and again full of spiders and webs. Even some remnants of mice. It was just old and dusty, nothing special and no corpse hanging from a rope. It was just some old cloth hanging from a wooden beam. But this gave us new power. We decided not to tell my brother, let alone his girlfriend, because their room was directly attached to that part of the attic.

We locked the door behind us, but as I did, my brother saw us and he then knew we had opened it and that the key worked. We desperately asked him not to tell his gf until the next day. So that evening, the other guy put on his scream outfit…scratching on their door. She opened and got scared to death looking into him. She screamed and ran into the bed, hiding underneath the blanket. Eventually even my brother joined her, though I had no idea why…they both seemed equally scared though they knew it was us. We kept at it for about an half an hour to an hour, trying to scare them. Eventually being sent away by angry parents.

We went over to plan B. We took the key, unlocked the other part of the attic a few hours later, while everyone was asleep. Scratching and making noises in the room beside them. We heard them whispering, wondering what it was, so we decided to knock on the wall and make louder noises. She started screaming again. Wonderful as it was, the other guy went up to their room, in his suit, waiting until they came out by themselves. Oh the patience we had…it was fantastic. Eventually my brother opened the door, getting scared himself by the unexpected figure in the door opening. Such a good time it was indeed. I heard my parents getting up, so I quickly went back outside from that part and locked the attic behind me. No one else was to know we had unlocked that room, for we were not done quite yet. The following morning we went back to the attic, and hung the mask at the window facing the place where everyone used to sit outside. A few hours went by without notice of it, but after a while someone noticed there was a face in the window. Unfortunately it didn’t take too long for them to realize that we had opened that room as well. It was fun while it lasted, unfortunately not long enough!

As a final addition; there was a chandelier hanging above the bed of the other parents, which fell down during the last night, I believe somewhere in the morning hours. Quite unexpected, luckily they didn’t get hurt, but there was quite a lot of damage. Rather weird that something like that could come down on its own.

That was my vacation, I loved it, as you may have noticed. I hope that you enjoyed reading it just as much as I did writing it.